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10 reasons why Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia should be in your travel bucket list

Updated: May 27, 2021

An introduction to Kota Kinabalu :

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Malaysia is made out of 13 states and 3 federal teritorries. Sabah is one of those states and is located in the north portion of Borneo. The origin of the name Sabah is uncertain as there are many theories on how that name first surfaced. One of the theories is that the time when Sabah was a part of Bruneian sultanate, this state was first referred as Saba due to the presence a variety of banana called pisang Saba (also known as pisang menurun) that grows abundantly on the coast of the region and popular in Brunei. Kota Kinabalu is the largest and most developed city in this state. Sabah has an equatorial climate with tropical rainforest and abundant animal & plant species. Not only that Sabah is rich with ethnical diversity as there are many races and religion resides in this state where they coexist with one another. Sabah also boast its diversity in the species of flora and fauna that is endemic and only can be found in this state. But for now, let’s focus on attraction that can be found in Sabah’s most developed city, kota Kinabalu. The 10 reasons on why you should visit kota Kinabalu :

1) Cafe Hopping

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Its becoming a popular trend lately for people to visit multiple of cafes on a single outing as the number of cafes are increasing. In kota Kinabalu there are numerous cafes that spreads throughout the city where they offer various of exciting menu thats worth the visit.

2) Indulge in a Seafood Feast

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So if youre a foodie and seafood is your go to food, Rejoice!! as Kota Kinabalu has numerous restaurants that specialize in seafood. Ranging from deep sea fresh fishes to lobsters, the seafood restaurant in KK is famous for providing fresh seafood to the customers. But more importantly the price wont hurt your wallet too much as the price comparison the price of seafood in Kota Kinabalu is cheaper than the one you can find in Kuala Lumpur.

3) Deep Sea & Leisure Fishing

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Interested in trying something new? How bout give Deep sea fishing a go. Deep sea fishing is different from normal fishing as you are required to take a trip using a boat up to the inter-coastal waterway out into the ocean far from land. The water depth should at least be 30 meters to be considered as deep sea fishing area. This activity is suitable for those who is seeking for a thrill yet chill activity. Do participate in this activity that is held at tropical island at mengalun.

4) Enjoy water activities at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

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Want to be one with the sea and experience the sight of the beautiful marine ecosystem? Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine park also known as TAR in short is situated just off coast of Kota Kinabalu city and consist of 5 breathtaking Islands, namely Gaya Island, Sapi Island, Manukan Island, Sulug Island and Mamutik Island. A wide-selection of water activities such as banana boat, sea-walking, para sailing, jet ski are there to be choose from. You may get the chance to encounter marine wildlife such as turtles, various species of fish, and the coral reefs while participating the activity.

5) Staycation in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

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Getting tired of the day to day city life and looking for a getaway. You can go for a staycation at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park that is considered to be the jewel in the crown for sabah . The park is a selection of five islands thats located just off the coast from Kota Kinabalu and include Sulug, Gaya, Manukan, Sapi, and Mamutik. There’s something for everyone here, and if you are specifically looking for an island with a nightlife scene then head to Gaya island .If you want an almost untouched paradise, then Sulug island is a good recommendation, or you can take a boat and just island hop around, stopping at whichever island takes your fancy. These islands breathtaking scenery will definitely provide you with a enough amount of aestheticness definitely instaworthy,

6) Stand-Up Paddling activity

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Are you up for something different? If yes is the answer then do participate in the Stand-Up Paddling activities where you can immerse yourself with the marine ecosystem while enjoying the scenery. Not only this activity is good for team bonding but it also serves as a good exercise to relieve stress. You will be able to see the coral bar up close and also have the chance to see a variety species of fishes.

7) Surfing at the tip of borneo

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For all the surfers out there, kudat should be in your surfing bucketlist as it is a newfound surfers paradise perfect for surfing beginners due to its gentler waves. The perfect  time to come surfing is between December and January when the northeast monsoon at its peak. Types of waves that you can find in kudat are beach breaks and reef breaks which is perfect for not only beginners but also suitable for both intermediate & professional level of surfers.

8) Climbing Mount Kinabalu

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Sabah’s main attraction that gained attention throught the globe. Our one and only Mount kinabalu also known as nulu nabalu & Gayo ngaran in local dialect is the tallest mountain in malaysia located at the town of kundasang sabah . With an elevation of 4,095 meter Gunung kinabalu is the 3rd highest peak of an island on earth and 20th most prominent in the world.

9) Enjoy beautiful sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach

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Sabah hands down has one of the most beautiful sunset sceneries that you can find and tanjong aru beach is the most popular beach in kota Kinabalu to watch sunset. You can also go for a leisurely walk along the long stretch of sand at the sunset hours. You will be completely mesmerized with the sunset view. Now more than ever after being stuck at home for quite sometime due to the pandemic the experience will be more memorable. As beautiful as the view can be it all depends on the luck of the visitors due to the weather whether or not they can experience the view or not

10) Visit Sabah state museum

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If history piques your interest then head over to sabah state museum to get some insight regarding this state’s history. . The complex contains not only the museum proper, but also an ethnobotanic garden, a zoo and a heritage village.The main building also houses the Sabah Art Gallery. Other galleries cover Islamic civilisation, archaeology and history, natural history, and ceramics and brassware. Its also rumored that the skulls that are showcased there are authentic skulls gathered by the head hunters long time ago.

If you are interested in participating any of this activities you can place your booking with Borneo Exotica Adventure as they offer packages for all of this activities. Borneo Exotica Adventure is a local tourism operator company own by natives borneon. For more information you can email them at

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